ARM Capital Partners Private Equity Fund will operate across the entire spectrum of medium-sized businesses in West Africa. To support the development of communities within the vicinity of these businesses, ARMCP Agribusiness proposes to empower and uplift small-scale farmers into agribusiness outgrowers, and to establish on-the-job learning centres on its agribusiness sites. This would be done through the commercial provision of inputs, technical, mechanization and market support, as well as certified training and skills transfer.

The Agribusiness Fund will be invested along two broad categories, viz. i) Processing & Value-Added Services (VAS), Mechanization and Inputs, and ii) Backwardly Integrated Mechanized and Irrigated Agricultural Production – and the focus will be on small and medium sized agribusiness opportunities with the inherent capacity for meaningful wealth creation for all stakeholders.

In general, ARMCP Agribusiness seeks to invest in agribusinesses with the following characteristics:

  • Strong management teams that have solid ethical frameworks and have implemented strong corporate governance and accounting policies, or are receptive to doing so;
  • Demonstrated ability or potential for profitability and relatively stable/predictable cash flows;
  • Differentiated product or service offerings that benefit from strong organic growth trends;
  • Strong prospects to sustain or achieve a leading local market position and/or sustainable competitive export advantage; and
  • Scalable business models that exhibit operating leverage.