ARM Capital Partners seeks to acquire significant minority or control equity and equity-related investments in scalable medium-sized businesses in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa with a focus on providing expansion capital to high growth companies across several industries.

The Fund also selectively pursues start-up opportunities (normally in partnership with experienced management and/or operating partners), pre-IPOs, management sponsored buy-outs and restructuring opportunities.

In general, ARM Capital Partners seeks to invest in businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Strong management teams that have solid ethical frameworks and have implemented strong corporate governance and accounting policies, or are receptive to doing so;
  • Demonstrated ability or potential for profitability and relatively stable/predictable cash flows;
  • Differentiated product or service offerings that benefit from strong secular growth trends;
  • Strong prospects to sustain or achieve a leading local market position and/or sustainable competitive export advantage; and
  • Scalable business models that exhibit operating leverage.